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Simon Says is set in a lighthouse. Simon lives there with a pet goldfish called Chips, and a seagull called Gulliver who visits him regularly. The postwoman Tallulah also calls once a week, weather permitting.

Simon likes living in the lighthouse. He is a composer and a musician and is surrounded by his vast collection of vinyl records. The walls of the lighthouse are adorned with animated record covers showing a colourful array of characters. The one we get to know best is Diva. Diva is an opera singer with a big voice and an even bigger ego. She is Simon’s friend and often sings with him.

There is an old television monitor in the corner with a permanent old fashioned test card visible.  Occasionally the television stutters to life and the test card is replaced by live children who interact with Simon. The children come from different backgrounds and reflect the diverse ethnicities that make up modern society.

Simon Says reflects life with all its emerging societal variations. Through drama, humour and a song in every episode, the audience learns about inclusivity and diversity and champions kindness and empathy as traits to be admired and supported.